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Top 20 Best Free Online Schools in the World

best free online schools

Which free online schools can you count on to teach your kids the fundamentals of science and math, history and geography, arts and music? 


With so many options available, it is not easy to know where to start looking. If you want your kids to get a great education while saving money, you’ll want to check out these top 20 best free online schools in the world.

Best Free Online Schools in the World

Below is the list of top 20 free accredited online schools:


The Keystone Academy

This is one of the best free online high schools and among the top free k-12 in 2022. 


It offers Accredited Pathway to students who have over 12 transferred credits. Keystone School also provides the Standard Pathway, built around various courses. Regarding education, the school is renowned for its dedication to value.

Smart Horizons Career Online High School (COHS)

COHS is one of the best online schools and accredited online school k-12 free. COHS is the first accredited private online school in the country. In addition to the high school diploma, students will receive a certificate in a field of their choice as a nice reward.

Excel High School

Excel High School is an online school that offers adults a free high school diploma online. It is situated in Plymouth, Minnesota. Students may choose from Fine Arts, English Language, Mathematics, Social Science, Health, World Languages, AP, and Electives.

Alabama Virtual Academy

As the name suggests, Alabama Virtual Academy is an online educational center where students can study and earn high school diplomas free of cost.


While it is a program that caters to children between the 9-12th grade, adults too can join and achieve their academic potential. It offers K12 Math, Art, Science, and History.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a tuition-free public institution for learners in grades K-12 that is accredited by Cognia, a nonprofit organization that accredits schools in the US.

Clovis Online School

Clovis Online School is an accredited online school k-12 free, California-based learning center for students. The school provides free courses in line with the requirements for K12 that allow students to achieve an official high school certificate.

The high school curriculum includes; English, World Language, Social studies, Maths, and science. They are NCAA, and UC Ag approved.

World Academy

A program offered by Eagle County Schools, World Academy provides free virtual learning courses for K12 students. Once enrolled, your child will receive structured coursework, including transferable credits, allowing them to transition into physical classrooms as soon as they are ready.


The Indiana University High School 

This is one of the best free online school and among the top k-12 free high schools. Indiana University High School in Bloomington, IN, offers high school diploma paths of Niche Standard Diploma Pathways and College Preparation.

James Madison Online High School 

It offers students free online high school diploma programs. Norcross, Georgia is the location of James Madison Online High School. Biology, World Geography, English Language, American History, and Physical Science are among the most popular classes.


The Franklin Virtual High School

This is one of the best online high schools for free. Franklin Virtual High school is located in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Franklin Virtual High School’s online program can be used to supplement your teaching. Throughout the courses, the program monitors the student’s learning.

Orion High School

Orion High School is a top 20 most useful online courses that are free. They offer various courses, from k-12 to the best free schools worldwide. The curriculum at Orion High School is very well put together, and the staff is very helpful. Orion High School is located in Midland and accredited by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission and AdvancED.


The Whitmore School Adult Diploma Program

In many ways, this is the first and the best free online schools in the world helping students with their higher education.

Students are not required to take tests to prove their knowledge because digital assessments monitor progress automatically. The Whitmore School is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. AdvancED granted it its license.

Middleton Academy

Middleton Academy, located in Woodbridge, Virginia, strives to offer its students various benefit programs. The school provides student-centered, teacher-led instruction. It offers an immersive education experience with plenty of resources to help you succeed. 

Brigham Young University

Provo is home to Brigham Young University and has an AdvancED license. On the other hand, the University offers free instruction to students nationwide who want to get a high school diploma through their phones.

Hope High School

Hope High School is an online high school for free located in Arizona, which is accredited. This isn’t a typical online high school accredited for free in Arizona. It’s a distinguished institution that offers individualized learning plans, flexible schedules, and continuous communication with students and parents.

Mizzou K-12 Online High School

It is a comprehensive online high school course for grades 9-12. Mizzou K-12 Online High School has an excellent reputation and is one of the best free schools in the world. In any of the following courses, students can enroll in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Physical Education, Health, and World Languages Electives.

Bluesky Charter School

Minnesota’s Bluesky Charter School offered the best free online schools for k-12 grades and was formed in 2000.

As part of your enrollment, you’ll get a student and parent handbook, videos, and interactive sessions.

Nevada Virtual Academy

Nevada Virtual Academy is located in ClasscraftSandhill Rd, Las Vegas. It is the best free online school k-12 program. There are no enrollment fees as well as tuition charges.

North Dakota Center for Distance Education

This is one of the best free online high schools and among the top free k-12 schools in 2022. It is a nonprofit distance learning school. Music, Aerospace, Art, Mathematics, Agriculture, English Language, Science, Health Careers, and a variety of other subjects are all available.

Liberty High School

This is another school that provides a free accredited high school diploma online. It is located in Brattleboro, Vermont. This school is perfect for students who cannot finish their high-school education. Adults 18 and over are eligible to take part in the courses.

With the growth of high-quality education, more and more online schools are emerging. Here are the Top 20 best free k-12 online schools in 2022. Ensure the school you choose is accredited so that you can capitalize on this opportunity.



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