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The most luxurious cat breeds

The most luxurious cat breeds

When discussing the top lists, we might not think about the cats. But they, too, have their tops. Cats are now represented in various shapes, colors, breeds, and fur types. And considering the number of cat breeds in the last 50 years increased tenfold, the choice became even more variated. But of course, like in each life sphere, there are more privileged and luxurious variants. The non-pedigree cat can still manifest grace and beauty, so we will mainly discuss the price and universally recognized beautiful cat breeds. These breeds are unique and sophisticated in their own way, and in the end, you may stop choosing one that will become your pet. But remember that besides its luxurious breed, this is also a living being that needs your love, attention, and health maintenance. The basepaws DNA test can help you with the last one.



This breed strongly resembles a lamb because it has curly fur. Cat’s character is flexible, friendly, and loving. 

The beautiful coat of a LaPerm cat can be presented in various colors: black, white, ivory, and cinnamon. And only two are considered inherited – tabby colors and tortoiseshell. In total, the breed standards stipulate up to three dozen different colors of the LaPerm cat.


Cats’ eyes are described as medium and large, slightly slanted, and almond-shaped; any color is allowed by the standards.


Of the other distinguishing features of the cat, we separately mention the outstanding whisker pads, full and rounded, and large ears.

The cat is considered very attached to a person, dependent on him, constantly demanding his attention.

The cat is an excellent hunter. At the same time, he feels comfortable within four walls, and it is not so important where he is, whether in a city apartment or a private house outside the city. The curly-haired beauty costs up to $2,000.

American curl

You may have seen this cat in the pictures or on the internet, but you didn’t know what breed it was. They are highly recognizable by their ears which are curl shaped. And what is most interesting is that the human hand didn’t participate in the transformation this time. It was a spontaneous event that people only supported and maintained.


Because of this original feature, their ears require special attention. And then, with the help of selection this time, this breed was divided into short and long-haired types. 

An exciting moment is that the gene responsible for the ears doesn’t influence the cat’s health. These cats are very attached to their owner and have qualities like playfulness, intelligence, and smartness. Kitten’s price is usually $1,200 if you buy it in America.


This breed always gets people’s reactions because of its extraterrestrial look. And reactions usually can be quite the opposite: there are huge fans of this cat and are people who even get scared because of it. But still, its unearthly appearance, deep look, and fantastic temperament make it one of the most luxurious. The well-known hairless handsome pet is a reserved and self-sufficient cat. The pet’s skin will have to be monitored with particular care and often bathed because the cat quickly gets dirty due to the lack of fur. The cost of a cat of this breed can reach $4,000.

The most luxurious cat breeds

Bengal cat

Loving, loyal, and very responsive – all this is about this breed. Their leopard coloring attracts a lot of attention; however, by nature, this breed is not suitable for all owners.

He features usually spotted striped (leopard or marble) coat in shades of silver, snow, blue, coal, and red with spots. The cat inherited such unique shades from its ancestors. These cats are very fond of attention. They are active and study with interest their owners’ behavior, trying to please them in everything. Strong relationships allow them to become friends for life. These cats even allow themselves to walk on a leash and happily take baths.


In addition, cats of this breed are very talkative. Such pets get along best with experienced owners.

Bengal cats value their freedom. As a rule, they resist being picked up but will not scratch or bite.


The cost of kittens of this breed is quite impressive due to problematic breeding and can be about $5,000.


This cat represents an exotic and magnificent part of the feline family. It comes from crossbreeding of a reed cat and a regular domestic cat. Its wild ancestor gave this cat its spectacular and memorable appearance and name. Reed’s cat in Latin will be “Felis chaus.”

A sophisticated coat in warm sand colors looks original and beautiful. 


Cat took from the wild roots also independent and self-sufficient character. But it doesn’t mean he will not love you; he still needs a companion and can become your friend. This breed is quite active and will need your additional attention because he can cause problems in your home if you do not give it. Playing with your cat can be quite a relaxing process. 

Such cats are considered elite. Kittens will cost $8,000-9,000.

Safari cat

The breed was created in the 70s of the XX century. An ordinary domestic cat and a Geoffroy’s cat were crossed. Scientists made it not to create a beautiful cat but to study methods of combating leukemia.

But the cat turned out magnificent with an unusual color. These cats are loving, friendly, intelligent, reasonable, and independent. Their weight can reach 11 kg.


Kao-mani in Thai means something like “white jewel.” You need to understand that these cats (which in past centuries were called something else, they became Kao-mani only about a hundred years ago) were not considered pets – they were palace favorites and, along with the white elephant, in those days, could only belong to members of the royal family.

This breed is most famous for its different eye colors. Such heterochromia in cats is rare, but this breed has it more often than others. Therefore, there is an erroneous opinion that all “white jewels” necessarily have eyes of different colors. And this is not actually the truth. However, everyone would like to have such a cat, and heterochromia costs additional money. That is twice more expensive than cats with the same eye color.

Of course, all cats are pretty creatures, but these cats, with their shining snow-white coat and bright, slightly slanting eyes are not just beautiful; they are magnificent princesses of the cat world.

 These strange cats are very social creatures; they hate loneliness, so when they spend long hours without company, they may well take up revengeful hooliganism or become depressed and lose interest in life.

Their price is from 7 to 10 thousand dollars.



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