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How to Start a Bottled Water Business in South Africa

How to Start a Bottled Water Business in South Africa

Learn how to start a bottled water business in South Africa in this article.

How to start a bottled water business in South Africa: Starting a water business one of the best ideas one can make. Aside the fact that it is one of the lucrative business to engage in, There are a lot of benefits one can derive from building a company in purifying and bottling of water.


How to Start a Bottled Water Business in South Africa

Conduct a Market Research

The first step to consider when building bottled water business is to find as much information as you can about the business. This would include; the location of the business, existing companies, what they do right and what they lack, This would give you a fair advantage of your competitors once you start. You also need to engage you would be customers, find out what they want, how they want the product packaged, what the dislike about existing companies and more.

Have a Business Plan

Having a business plan spells out what you business is about, the skills you need to make it a success, the amount of money you need to invest. Writing a business plan is very crucial and can determine whether your business would thrive or fail. You have the options of writing a business plan yourself or hiring a professional to write it for. Among the questions your business plan should answer includes;

  • What need does the business aim to satisfy?
  • How will the business satisfy that need?
  • What are the business differentiators?
  • Who are the key players?
  • What is the size of the market the business plans to enter?
  • What is the plan to achieve break even?

Register the Business

Having written your business plan, the next step to to register the business with the regulatory bodies. You will also need to incorporate the business


Register with Appropriate Regulatory Body

You would need to register the business with SANBWA which is the regulatory body for bottled water business.

Building the Factory

This is where you transfer all the paper work into reality. Depending on the amount of capital you have, you can build a large factory size, or start small and expand as the business grow.

Get Suppliers

After building your factory, you need to get supplies who would provide you with the materials for work. Bottles for the water, and other necessary materials.

Get other Accessories such as

Bank account for your business

  • Water supply
  • Storage tanks
  • Generating set/power supply
  • Filters and Water treatment machines
  • Water filling machines
  • Water dispensers and sterilizers
  • Bottle loaders, conveyors, and sealers
  • Labels
  • A website
  • Trucks that are needed for the distribution of water.

How to Start a Bottled Water Business in South Africa


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